Small Shell Script on #Bash (Compiling the C source code file automatically)

After positive feedback on my “Factiorial calculation on C” -article on this blog, I wrote add-on -article about it on my Tuntikirjuri -website under “Computing” -section.

I wrote small #Bash -Shell Script at the local Library¨s computer with Windows Notepad++ -text editor and shared it on same Dropbox -folder as my Factorial program source code.

If there¨s any comments about the Shell Script, please be very welcomed to comment about it.

About Jere Sumell

Graduated in February 2017 at the degree program of Bachleor of Business and Administration in Information Technology at Turku Univerity of Applied Sciences. At the end of the last semester I started to be a sole trader for my private projects and I'm officially taking public action in Politics through the Left Alliance in Finland. I'm the member of the Left Alliance Educational Division. I did the takedown my current business activities at the 31.5.2018 (Mostly responsive web developement orders based on CMS-solutions was the works some enterpeurers ordered from me.) I'm article writer in my Computer -related blog @ Wordpress. My first appearance at Wordpress blogs was our IT-student team blog called "The Gr8 Tigers".
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