Linux won’t boot up? Fixing “Memory Allocation” -errors (BusyBox)

Humanist-approached friend of mine told me that he can’t boot up his Linux Mint System at all. I spent one business day at his Warehouse located on Varissuo -Area here in my home town Turku and bumped up out of this “Memory Allocation Error” -while booting the System (Linux Mint) for first time in my career as IT-Professional and after all these educational years I’ve been spent on Linux -Systems myself.

First of all, I made Bootable USB-stick with Windows Prorgam called Rufus from SystemRescueCD disc image (Torrent Can be downloaded legally.) and booted my friend’s computer with it. His computer is little bit old-teched laptop so there was no option for CDROM -boot at the BIOS-stage Even if there was, It cannot be in use because my primary Personal Laptop have no media burning option to DVD because there’s no disc drive included in factory-manufactured line-up. Burning CD or DVD’s are so end of the 1990-century stuff so I’ve forgotten it. Nowdays at the decade of the very fast Internet Connection Speeds you can get everything digitalized product over the Internet.

After booting the SystemRescueCD, I copied recursively my customer’s Desktop with “cp -R $HOME/Desktop” including all the subdirectories and files to his own empty USB-Stick. Yes, he have stored all his important files physically at the Desktop.

After then I used fsck -program with couple of parameters including the forcing the rewrite errors.  Next step was to input “fsck -t -y -f -c /dev/sda1”  on shell prompt where sda1 is the Hard Disk -directory down in Linux. There’s no need to run this as System Administration starting the Command String line with “sudo” -keyword-input on the command prompt at terminal because all the Commands inputted on SystemRescueCD -shell prompt is set to run as System Administrator -role.

Then it was a time for a coffee and Donuts -break. The Checking process took about two hours to complete and answered all the “rewrite?” -questions for “yes“.

After Job was finnished, rebooted the Computer on hard disk with command “reboot” and now things were working like they worked before my customer contacted me appealing this case.

About Jere Sumell

Graduated in February 2017 at the degree program of Bachleor of Business and Administration in Information Technology at Turku Univerity of Applied Sciences. At the end of the last semester I started to be a sole trader for my private projects and I'm officially taking public action in Politics through the Left Alliance in Finland. I'm the member of the Left Alliance Educational Division. I did the takedown my current business activities at the 31.5.2018 (Mostly responsive web developement orders based on CMS-solutions was the works some enterpeurers ordered from me.) I'm article writer in my Computer -related blog @ Wordpress. My first appearance at Wordpress blogs was our IT-student team blog called "The Gr8 Tigers".
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