Information (Data) Security Issues on Linux (Exluding Online Privacy)

I’m gonna take Linux Mint for an example for this article because friend of mine asked me to go his warehouse next week (Today is Sunday and it’s afternoon while I’m writing this article). to install Linux Mint on his laptop.

After installation. (if user’s $HOME directory is not encrypted by option).

  1. System software updates

Debian –based packet management system is made simple for system updates. First of all it’s good to update repository –sources up to date by “sudo apt-get update” –terminal command.

After it sudo apt-get upgrade –Y (-Y Parameter is switch for “Yes to all”.).

  1. Setting up the Firewall

sudo apt-get install gufc;

ufc enable – enables firewall every time when the user boot up his computer.

  1. Encrypting the home-directory content after installation

It’s possible to encrypt single – user’s home directory content down at the setup-stage.

  1. Backup all the files located on the becoming encrypted $HOME -directory
  2. Create temporary user –account.
  3. Log out and log in the account created down at the previous step.
  4. sudo apt install ecryptfs-utils cryptsetup
  5. sudo ecryptfs-migrate-home -u useraccount by replacing the ”useraccount” the user¨s account login name.
  6. Log out and log in your user account and now the becoming files are encrypted!
  1. Virus Defender

There’s no need to use Vrius Defender program in the Linux System.

  1. Introdouce yourself to the “rootkit”. scanning tools. Rootkit –piece of softwares are the programs that red-hat crackers may use in when they are trying to hijack root-user password.

This document is bassed on online document written by Aatu Outinen. There’s more on online information security and privacy issues appealing for Mint User’s ( [In-Finnish]

About Jere Sumell

Graduated in February 2017 at the degree program of Bachleor of Business and Administration in Information Technology at Turku Univerity of Applied Sciences. At the end of the last semester I started to be a sole trader for my private projects and I'm officially taking public action in Politics through the Left Alliance in Finland. I'm the member of the Left Alliance Educational Division. I did the takedown my current business activities at the 31.5.2018 (Mostly responsive web developement orders based on CMS-solutions was the works some enterpeurers ordered from me.) I'm article writer in my Computer -related blog @ Wordpress. My first appearance at Wordpress blogs was our IT-student team blog called "The Gr8 Tigers".
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