Free online cloud – based ER-diagram modelling tool (Chen model) – Works on 32 bit Linux OS via Mozilla Firefox (With JavaScript support enabled)

Yesterday was Sunday evening when I wrote article about searching for ER-diagram modelling tool for Linux alternative to free Dia -Windows environment tool. I’m using 32 bit Lubuntu Linux distro on my nearly 15 years old studying laptop and it seems like there’s not much to do with GNOME-desktop -environment based desktop -applications when it comes to 32 bit software for ER-modelling tools.

After half an hour of using Search Engine, I found web -service what makes it possible to create own database design by Chen model and save own work to Google Drive or Dropbox or even on your computer.

I’m making comeback to the Turku University and this semester I have two database courses I’ve enrolled in and I’m gonna lay down my bets on -web service if there’s something to do with ER-diagrams at the lessons if lecturer doesn’t give any alternative for software to use.

I had some repository problems when tried to install dia-gnome, and my primary computer is running in Windows 10 -environment due to I’m playing some quite a new computer games with my PC too on my spare time and I’ve installed Dia on this computer.

I could try run Dia Windows version on virtual machine software called wine but I’m not gonna lose my sleeptime overnights with this case.

If you are looking for online -cloud based free tool for ER-Diagram modelling (Chen-method), give a chance for

Tool’s website is found on

About Jere Sumell

Graduated in February 2017 at the degree program of Bachleor of Business and Administration in Information Technology at Turku Univerity of Applied Sciences. At the end of the last semester I started to be a sole trader for my private projects and I'm officially taking public action in Politics through the Left Alliance in Finland. I'm the member of the Left Alliance Educational Division. I did the takedown my current business activities at the 31.5.2018 (Mostly responsive web developement orders based on CMS-solutions was the works some enterpeurers ordered from me.) I'm article writer in my Computer -related blog @ Wordpress. My first appearance at Wordpress blogs was our IT-student team blog called "The Gr8 Tigers".
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